Population Performance Management
Plan and manage performance of defined populations to improve health and reduce total cost of care.

Improve Health and Optimize Risk-Based Contracts

While caring for your high-risk patients is a necessary part of your overall population health strategy, there are many other tactics that are needed for effective population management.  To provide better health, better care and lower costs, effective population health management strategies need to target all segments that make up your population.  Not only must you focus efforts on high-risk patients, but you must coordinate care across the continuum to reduce variation and engage patients to improve health and decrease utilization.

Preventive care, integrated across many different providers and locations, requires a new approach and innovative tool set.  WhiteCloud™ Population Performance Management gives a clear view of population profitability, leakage, detailed utilization, care management, disease registries and care management trigger controls.

  • Clearly understand profit and loss across populations.
  • Reduce total cost of care and improve quality to drive better performance within risk-based populations.
  • Increase reimbursements from CMS and other payers (proper patient acuity).
  • Identify those patients who are good candidates for care management programs
  • Track the effectiveness of your care management programs
  • Compare utilization and spend to population-based benchmarks

Fundamentally, this platform offers us a set of tools to help change behavior…we simply share the information with physicians and let them gravitate with their natural tendency towards improving their performance. Doing so helps improve the performance of the entire health system. In that way, the platform becomes a tool that is a foundational element to monitoring the value you bring to risk-based contracts, just as a general ledger is a key tool in your accounting system.

- Jeff Taylor, Senior Vice President and CFO, St. Luke’s Health System

Population Performance Management

WhiteCloud provides your health system with oversight to the performance of defined populations and gives your team the information they need to proactively manage care so you can optimize shared or full-risk contracts.

Precision Performance Planning – Monitor, model and plan performance of domains of “value” (cost, quality, safety, service, health) for a defined population of covered lives.

  • PMPM analysis with drill down to network, facility and provider (population profitability).
  • Population modeling and performance management.
  • Contract performance management.
Automated Change Management Process

Support continuous performance improvement within defined populations to improve health and reduce total cost of care.

Properly assess acuity to identify high-risk and high-utilization patients.

Engage care providers to reduce variation, improve efficiency and deliver better quality outcomes.

Proactively manage patients through triggers to reduce irrational utilization, reduce targeted or systemic cost containment, and decrease PMPM.

Monitor progress of plans and contracts, hold the organization accountable, and reward for performance.

Advanced Metrics Engine

WhiteCloud offers hundreds of individual care metrics that allow you to get started right away to improve population performance.

  • Mortality/Complications
  • HCAHPS/Patient Sat
  • Inpatient Quality
  • Readmissions
  • PSIs/HACs
  • Core Measures
  • Cost/Charge Variation
  • LOS
Improve Health and Optimize Risk-Based Contracts

The WhiteCloud Population Performance solution gives you a holistic view of your managed populations. Comprehensive views of cost and quality data with drill down capability allows you to find the root cause of issues so you can prioritize care improvement initiatives. Doing so facilitates care management and improves the health of your managed populations so you can optimize performance of risk-based contracts.