Healthcare Performance Management Platform
WhiteCloud powers healthcare improvement through a scalable performance management platform that connects execution to strategy, motivates system-wide behavior change, and reduces complexity.
Powering Healthcare Improvement

The WhiteCloud Healthcare Performance Management Platform integrates several innovative technologies that make it easier than ever to plan and execute value-based care strategies. Whether you’re focused on improving quality and cost in high-volume acute service lines, or optimizing distributed ambulatory care to improve health and reduce total cost of care, our highly-scalable platform is designed to accelerate clinical, financial and operational improvement across the continuum of care.

The WhiteCloud platform incorporates performance management technologies, advanced healthcare analytics, and modern behavior sciences into a new generation of performance management solutions – all designed to expedite the volume-to-value transition.

  • Integrate disparate data to align the entire organization towards quality, cost, safety and service goals
  • Execute value-based care plans by engaging broadly-distributed and highly independent physicians
  • Drive system-wide behavior change to improve organizational performance

I have never been involved with a more successful IT implementation.

- Dr. Herman Williams, Chief Medical Officer, RCCH HealthCare Partners
Advanced Metrics and Planning Platform

The WhiteCloud platform is specifically designed to align the organization to established quality, cost, safety and service goals while accelerating continuous performance improvement to scale system-wide change.

Automate change management processes to accelerate progress of value-based care goals.

Identify measures and targets, align incentives and team to common goals (plans take many forms: contracts, incentive plans, annual focus plans, performance improvement plans).

Align stakeholders and incentives with commitments to create effective execution. Accountability to clear goals motivates care provider improvement.

Stakeholders collaborate, communicate, and change behaviors and adjust work flows to drive clinical, financial and operational goals.

Record progress of plans, celebrate successes and hold the organization accountable to create change and optimize performance.

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Precision Planning

Fuel performance improvement by connecting execution to strategy and driving a continuous improvement cycle.

Aligns and measures domains of value across the organization (hospital/service line/clinic/provider) to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered at the lowest cost. Modeling the impact of standardization efforts based on “bright spot” performers optimizes change efforts to reduce cost and improve quality.

Detects variation across regions, hospitals, service lines and care teams, and presents that information with a balanced view of both quality and cost. This insight is critical to detecting the most effective and efficient improvement opportunities. Because data is normalized across disparate systems, it’s easy to find cost and quality variances and identify which system, metric or process requires further analysis and improvement.

Utilizing the WhiteCloud Metrics Engine and leveraging national cost and quality standards such as Milliman, AHRQ, PSI; IQI, ACO, Core Measures, PQRS and others, the WhiteCloud Performance Management Platform supports hundreds of metrics and cohorts. With a dedicated staff and years of experience working with these standards, you can be sure ongoing maintenance and cost will be minimized as part of the standard solution.

Personalizes information that is most relevant to each user. The system is based on a common architecture to produce the metrics and thresholds that work together to drive overall organization goals. This allows each team member to focus on personal goals that ultimately unite the financial, clinical, and operations teams. The modular platform allows individual users, teams, peer groups and systems to be grouped and managed according to the health system’s needs and organizational design.

Effective Execution

Drive system-wide behavior change through aligned and focused performance metrics, clear accountabilities, social motivators, and peer collaboration.

Comprehensive visibility to plans and measurement allows providers to assess their performance relative to peers and health system goals. By exposing variance at the metric and care provider level, the WhiteCloud platform helps clinicians understand who is meeting or exceeding expectations, and facilitates collaboration at the click of a button. This results in viral and autonomous performance improvement throughout the health system.

Physicians and other stakeholders in value-based care have clear visibility to organizational objectives around quality, cost, safety and service and how their individual performance contributes to health system goals.

Leverage gamification and positive deviance by showing how physician performance compares to peers to drive engagement, motivate collaboration and change throughout the health system.

The Whitecloud Platform

Whether you’re pursuing preventive care strategies to improve population health, or optimizing efficiency to increase quality and secure cost-savings, WhiteCloud enables health systems to:

  • Accelerate and scales change management
  • Reduce complexity and data overload
  • Empower provider-led, value-based care
  • Automate organizational performance management
  • Establish a cadence of continuous improvement
  • Create a culture of accountability