Automate Healthcare Performance Management

Managing and improving healthcare performance requires the collection, calculation, planning and tracking of countless metrics. With so much data available across disparate sources, and with so many contracts and terms, how can applications provide a single coherent view of performance that is meaningful and accessible to all within the health system?

The WhiteCloud platform employs a number of technologies and techniques including a common metrics calculation and integrated planning engine, database scalability, and enterprise security to ensure all your healthcare performance management needs are met.

The WhiteCloud Platform:

  • Easily integrates with your existing technology stack
  • Accelerates time-to-value for system-wide performance management
  • Leverages industry standards to drive confidence and consistency
  • Scales to support any size implementation

Most health systems are overwhelmed with managing the immense complexity and scale of value-based contracts and metrics. The WhiteCloud platform automates the collection, integration, planning, personalization and distribution of key value-based metrics required to thrive in today’s healthcare economy.

Common Metrics Engine

Driving clinical, financial and operational transformation is a difficult task because many health systems deal with different EMRs, charge masters, non-standard patient IDs, and a lack of physician master indexes across many different source systems. WhiteCloud delivers value quickly using native data sources or a data warehouse. Our extraction and normalization layer helps standardize these issues so you can analyze and compare different parts of the health system.

WhiteCloud automates the calculation and versioning of all metrics to reduce management overhead and administration. Utilizing the Metrics Engine allows the system to push metrics to any user, against any encounter, anywhere in the organization with data consistency and CPU efficiency.

All metrics are defined, tested and maintained at the highest standards. We work closely with national organizations such as Milliman MedInsight, AHRQ, PSI/IQI, CMS GMLOS, and others to ensure access to the latest and most robust definitions.

The WhiteCloud platform allows users to understand who is qualified for a particular performance metrics and why. The system tracks inclusions and exclusions to provide more accurate performance measurement with a specific reason for patient qualification.

The WhiteCloud platform supports the most sophisticated variation analysis through the use of cohorts allowing physicians to identify specific variations and quality improvement opportunities. More than 150 predefined cohorts are available with the ability to model countless more using CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes.


  • Calculate metrics automatically upon data changes (definitions always up to date)
  • Automate opportunity identification and ROI calculation
  • Load claims, EMR, inpatient, ambulatory, lab and pharmacy data from across the seams into an integrated platform

I have never been involved with a more successful IT implementation.

- Dr. Herman Williams, Chief Medical Officer, RCCH HealthCare Partners
Integrated Planning Engine

WhiteCloud has an integrated planning engine that allows care givers, operational leaders and healthcare executives to establish clear goals, timelines and performance responsibilities across the organization. Exclusive to WhiteCloud is the ability to model different scenarios of personalized plans that are both vertically and horizontally aligned across the organization. This allows you to set clear performance expectations and distribute accountability to established goals.

Prototype and preview plans to model future performance, gain feedback from teams, and socialize/align performance expectations with care providers prior to the time of true accountability.

Set clear, empirical goals between a healthcare provider organization and a physician or physician group using a point system to establish weighting of different metrics and performance levels, aggregating to a single performance score to tie performance to incentives and/or compensation.

Modeling and planning for the future requires the ability to test assumptions and preview various scenarios – all while avoiding the interruption of current production plans and goals. This can only happen if system leaders can create and preview multiple versions of plans and data configurations. The WhiteCloud Performance Management System allows health system to build and review several plans before committing them to action.

The ability to model scenarios and improvement opportunities, automatically generating empirical estimates of the impact to costs, quality and safety performance, is critical to gaining stakeholder buy-in to prospective programs. The WhiteCloud platform embeds multi-metric modeling capabilities to expose the implications of various standardization and improvement initiatives with a simple push of a button.

Scalable, Secure, Enterprise-Ready

The WhiteCloud platform uses highly scalable open source architecture and technologies, such as distributed computing and sharding, to be able to handle any size implementation. The system is hosted on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) to acquire data dynamically and scale to support even the largest implementation, and the platform supports the strictest requirements for security and compliance to HIPAA and HITECH standards.

The WhiteCloud architecture has the ability to log access to all Personal Health Information (PHI) with tracking and reporting of time stamps and access privileges. It also blinds data and personalizes the type of information available at the patient, clinic, and system level.

The modular WhiteCloud technology platform allows individual users, teams, peer groups and systems to be grouped and managed according to the health system’s needs and organizational design.

Attribution models are critical to physician engagement and determining clear accountability for patient outcomes. The WhiteCloud metric platform supports a variety of attribution models and leaves physician teams in control of how they are going to be held accountable. Models include Direct Assignment, Acute, Plurality, All Touch, and Empanelment methods.


  • Data segregated by customer for scalability and security
  • AWS for elastic computing, both scale-up and scale-out

Unique Applications Built on a Common API

Because the information that each WhiteCloud application uses accesses the same API (and therefore the same data down to the encounter level), each member of the organization is able to manage performance based on the same version of the truth. Our role-based performance management applications automate workflows, drive provider engagement and accelerate change management throughout the health system.

System Snapshots – no down-time data loads and configurations. Adding more uptime and simplifying administration, the WhiteCloud Platform helps IT teams to load new data, test new metrics and add new users while the system is running.

WhiteCloud automated much of the performance management processes used to measure and drive change in the health system. Leveraging national benchmarking services, your organization can assess progress on a service or specific metrics.

By implementing gamification and socialization features to leverage the behavioral components of change, WhiteCloud’s role-based applications drive engagement and change throughout the health system.


  • Custom cohort builder with hundreds of predefined cohorts
  • Modeling and variation analysis
  • Database versioning for review mode
  • Contract modeling with shadow plans
Accelerate Time-to-Value:

Leveraging the WhiteCloud Performance Management Platform, IT teams gain immediate access to hundreds of standardized metrics and cohorts, and a cloud-based system that can drive time-to-value in less than three months.


  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Hassle-free metrics management
  • Lower overall cost (amortized pricing for metric management)
  • Scalability through the cloud
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