Clinical Performance Management
Engage care providers with health system goals and empower them to lead value-based care transformation.

Empower Care Providers to Deliver Better Care, to More People, at Lower Cost.

The broadly distributed nature of ambulatory care makes it difficult to engage care providers in value-based initiatives, yet they are the true change agents of reform.  Giving these highly autonomous clinicians personalized performance information is critical to driving system-wide improvement of quality and cost outcomes. With easy access to role-based performance metrics, ambulatory care providers have visibility to their individual performance relative to peers so they can collaborate to achieve health system goals.

  • Give providers and clinics the power to engage in organizational goal setting.
  • Achieve comprehensive physician engagement to scale and accelerate system-wide improvement.
  • Foster collaboration and motivate self-directed change to improve quality, lower cost, and optimize health.

Having visibility to our performance data helps us correct process and reporting errors, and more importantly, identify trends, patterns and gaps on where we can improve our patient care.

- Dr. Adebayo Crownson, Site Medical Manager, Nampa Family Clinic

Clinical Performance Management

WhiteCloud aligns and engages care providers with health system goals by empowering them to lead value-based care transformation.

Precision Performance Planning – ensures health system goals are effectively distributed down and across the organization to communicate specifically what each provider needs to do differently.

  • Shadow performance planning – prototype and preview plans to model future performance, gain feedback from performance teams and socialize expectations with care providers.
  • Incentive plans – contractual goals between health system and a physician or physician group that ties performance to compensation.
  • Model the impact of standardization and improvements in ambulatory care (cost, quality, safety, service).
Automated Change Management

Support continuous performance improvement across ambulatory care environments to improve outcomes and accelerate progress of value-based care goals.

Set performance expectations (contracts, incentive plans, focus plans, performance improvement plans).

Provide 360° Transparency to goals and performance across your distributed physicians.

Drive comprehensive physician engagement through role-based information and gamification that fosters collaboration and motivates improvement.

Record progress of plans, hold the organization accountable, reward for performance (when physician compensation requires performance against quality based incentives, adherence to system-based bundled payments, and planning for population-based metrics).

Advanced Metrics Engine

WhiteCloud offers hundreds of individual care metrics that allow you to get started right away to improve ambulatory care performance.

  • Patient Registry
  • Preventive Services
  • Diabetes Management
  • Chronic Disease
Empower Care Providers to Deliver Better Care, to More People, at Lower Cost

The use of data to measure, manage and improve performance is critical to engaging providers in optimizing the health of patients and populations. To transform healthcare, physicians and care teams must be empowered with the insight to self-direct practice change. Health systems see significant performance improvement and substantial return on investment with the WhiteCloud Performance Management Platform because it gives every clinician the information they need to take their care to the next level.