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Building Better Health Systems

WhiteCloud arms health systems with performance management technology that drives improvement in a value-based world by aligning the organization and engaging physicians in transformative care. Based on twenty years of analytics and performance management best practices, the WhiteCloud® Healthcare Performance Management Platform is designed to help health systems optimize care, improve financial health and streamline operational efficiency to thrive in a risk-based world.

Client Testimonials

“WhiteCloud’s performance management platform has played a crucial role in our progress and pursuit of better health, better care, and lower cost. Our success is almost single handedly the result of our wide-scale focus on the elimination of irrational variation, and the WhiteCloud technology is our empirical platform and partner in that pursuit.”

- Dr. David Pate, President and CEO St Luke’s Health System

“WhiteCloud allows us to discover ways in which we may begin to change our behaviors. When this happens, health outcomes for our patients are improved.”

- Dr. Arlen Jarret, Chief Medical Officer, IASIS Healthcare

“WhiteCloud gives physicians the information they need to start asking questions and improving. It lets them manage themselves.”

- Dr. Neil Cobelli, Chair of Orthopedics, Montefiore Medical Center
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The WhiteCloud team brings a proven track record of award winning innovation across many industries in the areas of analytics and business intelligence. Combining this experience with veteran healthcare leaders and industry experts in Hospital Administration, Strategic Planning, Clinical Quality and Safety, Public Health and Performance Improvement, WhiteCloud is able to offer both deep healthcare expertise and world-class technology proficiency.


The WhiteCloud Board of Directors provides strategic direction based on broad expertise in enterprise business intelligence, corporate performance analytics, and hospital and health system execution to ensure our client’s achieve their unique organizational goals.


WhiteCloud’s casual culture and fun work environment fosters creativity, while spontaneous air hockey and foosball matches encourage team building. A flexible work schedule accommodates personal interests and fosters a productive work-life balance. Spouses and children frequently join the WhiteCloud family in group events and activities.

WhiteCloud is an open workspace where daily scrums facilitate collaboration and goal alignment. Employees share a frosty beverage, and discuss departmental progress and industry dynamics at informal “FunSchway” briefings. Company meetings keep all informed on corporate strategies and execution and offer an open forum to collaborate and share ideas.

Located in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho, WhiteCloud’s location is perfectly suited to an energetic outdoor community. Many employees walk or bike to work and take advantage of dozens of nearby coffee shops, bars, restaurants and retail shops. Close access to the Boise Foothills, numerous city parks, and the Boise River provide excellent recreational opportunities for active WhiteCloud employees.


  • An outcome-based strategic planning model
  • Emphasis on employee engagement, job satisfaction and high performance
  • Core principles adapted from John Wooden’s ‘Pyramid of Success’


Passionate About Healthcare

WhiteCloud passion is fueled by an energetic, collaborative and results-driven culture based on inspired core principles and corporate values.

"I decided to give up contracting for myself and become a full time employee at WhiteCloud because of the impact on the healthcare industry transition from volume to value. I believe, and have seen the results, that WhiteCloud solutions really do impact behavior effecting change in health care."

- Paul Goldy, Healthcare Consultant

"I jumped at the opportunity to work at WhiteCloud due to its resilient, proven strategy directed towards the goal of improving the lives of its community and the healthcare industry through value-based performance management analytics. WhiteCloud fosters a team-based culture comprised of goal-oriented, motivated individuals that truly makes me inspired coming to work every day."

- Jessica Reitz, Intern

"I know that the work I do every day is helping to improve the health of communities, families and loved ones. Working at WhiteCloud has allowed me to not only gain great skills, but love what I do along the way. Working for WhiteCloud is about making a difference."

- Josh Davis, Marketing Program Manager

“I chose to transition away from the acute care setting to join the WhiteCloud team in order to make a positive impact on the healthcare system at a national level. WhiteCloud provides transparency to performance and offers resources to guide improvement that will transition the healthcare industry from volume to value. As a Performance Management Consultant and Nurse Executive, I have the opportunity to work alongside physicians and hospital leaders to evaluate their individual, team, and organizational performance and to drive performance improvement plans that will reduce variation, reduce cost, and improve lives.”

- Kim Froehlich. MSN, RN, Performance Management Consultant

WhiteCloud is a fast-growing software provider focused on the dynamic healthcare industry. Our team is comprised of seasoned performance management solution architects, software developers, and subject matter experts steeped in industry expertise and committed to driving better care, for more people, at a lower cost. Career opportunities at WhiteCloud blend innovation, accountability and passion for the advancement of the healthcare industry.